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This influence is obvious in Wundt’s essay on Leibniz in 1917 and from a number of basic concepts, terms, and epistemological principles in Wundt’s work. Furthermore, Leibniz’s perspectivism was forma tive to Wundt’s cognitive style. The present contribution refers to four basic postulates in Leibniz’s thinking: the Law of Continuity, the Principle of Harmony, the Principles of Individuality and of Autonomous Activity; and the main part in cludes 10 issues or sections: (1) Monads and the mind (soul): substance and actuality; (2) Epistemology: psychologically reflected idealism as opposed to sensualism (empiricism); (3) Parallelism: psychophysical and harmonically pre stabilized correspondence; (4) Perception and apperception; (5) Consciousness, self awareness and individuality (the person); (6) Striving and appetite, volition (the will), intellectualism and voluntarism; (7) Principles of sufficient reason, principles of causality and purpose, unity and plurality, perspectivism; (8) Concepts of development (evolution); (9) Ethics and the idea of humanity; (10) Mon ism.

Another entertaining episode featured 1970s England. Alcohol appears to be a key factor in almost every era featured, none more so than in the 1970s. In his , novelist gives instruction for liquor dispensation and consumption at a standard cocktail party.

Il bilancio Nei primi mesi del 2017, secondo quanto diffuso dalla Guardia di Finanza, sono finite sotto sequestro 58 tonnellate di prodotto ittico e 500 attrezzi usati per questo genere di pesca vietata. Complessivamente, fino ad ora, sono state denunciate ventuno persone all’autorità giudiziaria, mentre sono state formalizzate multe e verbali per UNA somma totale di 189mila euro. Le Fiamme Gialle, in una nota ufficiale, hanno sottolineato “la presenza costante, nelle acque costiere e nel territorio della Campania, di unità navali, aeree e terrestri del Reparto Operativo Aeronavale”..

Others are intended to be models for us. Hebrews 11, for instance, mentions Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Rahab, Gideon, Samson, David, Samuel, and others, all as illustrations of this singular, powerful lesson: “These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect” (vss. 39 40)..

La ricerca tasta anche il polso alle aziende per quanto concerne le prospettive occupazionali. Otto aziende su dieci sono pronte ad assumere nel 2017, ma la maggior parte trova candidati non idonei per carenza di competenze professionali specifiche (60%), poca esperienza lavorativa nel settore (47%) e scarsa conoscenza delle lingue straniere (35%). La ricerca rivela un forte aumento nelle assunzioni pianificate per l in corso.

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