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Caos in Turchia La tensione, del resto, è già salita alle stelle con la Turchia, dove sono in corso manifestazioni di piazza anti israeliane. Il Paese già alleato strategico di Israele, ma da mesi in grave crisi di rapporti con lo Stato ebraico aveva chiesto alla vigilia al governo di Gerusalemme di lasciar passare la flottiglia. L’epilogo ha indotto ora Ankara a prefigurare “conseguenze irreparabili” nelle relazioni bilaterali: tanto più gravi se sarà confermata la notizia secondo cui almeno 9 vittime sono turche..

This is happening both on a macro level across Europe and in individual leagues. Take wages, which correlate to success on the pitch as you’d expect. There are 10 clubs with wage bills of million ($270 million) or above. Foreign words and phrasesOver the centuries the English language has assimilated words and phrases from a variety of other languages. In context, those listed here are often printed in italics. Means) of resistance’)pied à terreFrench a small flat or house kept for occasional use (literally ‘foot to earth’)pis allerFrench a last resort (literally ‘worse to go’)plat du jourFrench a special dish prepared by a restaurant on a particular day (literally ‘dish of the day’)plus a changeFrench used to express resigned acknowledgement of the fact that certain things never change (from plus a change, plus c’est la mme chose ‘the more it changes, the more it stays the same’)pococuranteItalian careless or nonchalant (literally ‘little caring’)prima facieLatin accepted as so until proved otherwise (literally ‘at first face’)primus inter paresLatin the senior or representative member of a group (literally ‘first among equals’)pro rataLatin proportional; proportionally (literally ‘according to the rate’)proxime accessitLatin the person who comes second in an examination or is runner up for an award (literally ‘came very near’)quid pro quoLatin a favour or advantage given in return for something (literally ‘something for something’)raison d’treFrench the most important reason for someone or something’s existence (literally ‘reason for being’)reductio ad absurdumLatin a method of disproving a premise by showing that its logical conclusion is absurd (literally ‘reduction to the absurd’)roman à clefFrench a novel in which real people or events appear with invented names (literally ‘novel with a key’)sangfroidFrench the ability to stay calm in difficult circumstances (literally ‘cold blood’)savoir faireFrench the ability to act appropriately in social situations (literally ‘know how to do’)sine dieLatin (of proceedings) adjourned indefinitely (literally ‘without a day’)sine qua nonLatin a thing that is absolutely essential (literally ‘without which not’)soi disantFrench self styled; so called (literally ‘self saying’)sotto voceItalian in a quiet voice (literally ‘under voice’)sub judiceLatin being considered by a court of law and therefore not to be publicly discussed elsewhere (literally ‘under a judge’)sub rosaLatin happening or done in secret (literally ‘under the rose’)sui generisLatin unique (literally ‘of its own kind’)table d’hteFrench a restaurant meal offered at a fixed price, with few if any choices (literally ‘host’s table’)tant mieuxFrench so much the bettertant pisFrench so much the worse; too badterra firmaLatin dry land; the ground (literally ‘firm land’)terra incognitaLatin unknown territorytte à tteFrench a private conversation (literally ‘head to head’)tour de forceFrench a thing accomplished with great skill (literally ‘feat of strength’)tout de suiteFrench at once (literally ‘quite in sequence’)unheimlichGerman uncanny or weirdverbotenGerman forbiddenvia mediaLatin a compromise (literally ‘middle way’)victor ludorumLatin the overall champion in a sports competition (literally ‘victor of the games’)vis à visFrench in relation to; as compared with (literally ‘face to face’)vox populiLatin public opinion (literally ‘the voice of the people’)zeitgeistGerman the characteristic spirit or mood of a particular historical period (literally ‘time spirit’).

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