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Le liste per il cda di Tim vanno presentate entro luned 9 aprile. Assogestioni avrebbe dato la disponibilit a una lista di minoranza lunga, a sette membri (alle minoranze spettano in base allo Statuto di Tim un terzo dei posti in cda). D’altra parte Assogestioni non sarebbe disponibile a convergere su una lista di maggioranza presentata da Elliott (il Tuf richiede che non ci siano collegamenti tra una lista di minoranza e maggioranza, ndr), che pure non avrebbe problemi a lasciare spazio a candidati graditi ai fondi italiani, avendo l’obiettivo di promuovere un cambiamento della governance e non di prendere il controllo della societ con suoi rappresentanti in cda n di sostituire il management..

According to the Big Bang theory, the universe may keep expanding forever, if its inward gravity is not sufficiently strong to counterbalance the outward motion of galaxies, or it may reach a maximum point of expansion and then start collapsing, growing denser and denser, gradually disrupting galaxies, stars, planets, people, and eventually even individual atoms. Which of these two fates awaits our universe can be determined by measuring the density of matter versus the rate of expansion. Much of modern cosmology, including the construction of giant new telescopes such as the new Keck telescope in Hawaii, has been an attempt to measure these two numbers with better and better accuracy.

Solo lievi disagi al momento per lo sciopero generale proclamato dal sindacato di base Usb. La mobilitazione, si legge nel sito dell’Unione sindacale di base, è indetta per protestare “contro il jobs act e le politiche dettate dalla troika al governo Renzi sul lavoro e la pubblica amministrazione e contro il blocco dei contratti nel pubblico impiego” e “in difesa dell’art. 18 dello Statuto dei Lavoratori”..

It has changed considerably since colonial times, as political rituals were grafted onto religious ones, and a commercial fair developed. In this article, it is argued that these changes can be explained in part by the renegotiation, both in conflict and co operation, of the relationship between local religious experts and state officials. Then the colonial history of the festival is [.]Many postcolonial states in the Caribbean continue to struggle to comply with their international treaty obligations to protect women from sexual violence.

Opta stats can tell suitors how many sideways passes a player has made in a reserve game, but not that his three best friends are gangsters and he has a complicated love life. It’s all vital intelligence and a trusted journalist can provide that off the record information, which could avoid a costly mistake. The journalist benefits because information flows both ways, or he might get a favour in future access to one of the manager’s players, for instance..

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