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By definition, CUP is a malignant disease revealed by one or more metastatic localizations whose primary site remains undetermined at the time of the therapeutic decision despite clinical examination and extensive complementary explorations. Metastatic and histologic presentations in unknown primary cancer. Semin Oncol 1977; 4: 53 58.

Sadana undertakes an ethnographic study of literary culture that probes the connections between place, language, and text in order to show what language comes to stand for in people’s lives. In so doing, she unmasks a social discourse rife with questions of authenticity and cultural politics of inclusion and exclusion. English Heart, Hindi Heartland illustrates how the notion of what is considered to be culturally and linguistically authentic not only obscures larger questions relating to caste, religious, and gender identities, but that the authenticity discourse itself is continually in flux.

Le prion, l’agent infectieux, introduit dans l’organisme par voie systémique, doit pouvoir gagner le système nerveux central pour que la maladie se déclare. Expérimentalement, après inoculation intra péritonéale, mais également après inoculation intra cérébrale, le prion se développe dans la rate (probablement dans les cellules dendritiques) avant de se multiplier et de gagner le cerveau [31]. Après inoculation par voie orale, le prion se multiplie dans les plaques de Peyer [46].

Hope for a final without video replay were dashed when Werner, chasing a long ball, was whacked in the jaw by Gonzalo Jara. Referee Milorad Mazic missed the incident, but the VAR did its job in flagging it up. Mazic, following procedure in these situations, took a look at it himself but showed Jara only a yellow card..

Articles provide narratives that examine the political and socioeconomic forces that have shaped their nations’ psychologies. Each story adds another element to our understanding of the history of psychology. The articles in this volume remind us that there are unique contexts and circumstances that influence the ways in which the science and practice of psychology are assimilated into our daily lives.

Last year, Atlanta United and Minnesota United came online with different visions of how to succeed in America’s top flight. The divergent paths each team went down offer ideas for the future, providing possible models for the clubs that come next. Should Atlanta’s outsize ambition be a guide? Or does Minnesota’s slower start make more sense? The truth is out there.

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